Getting started

Getting started

Getting started

Getting started

What are lists for?

Lists help you store and separate tasks for your various projects. It's a great way to organize tasks so that they are categorized for easier discoverability.

How to Create a New List?

Go to Home, from here you can create a new list by clicking the last Create list tile or click the CREATE NEW LIST button on the left side panel.Give your list a title, and either choose a color or upload an icon, then hit CREATE.

List Columns

Inside each list, you will find columns which helps you organize your tasks based on priority.

  • Backlog: is for tasks that you need to do beyond 1 week.

  • This week: is for tasks that you need to get done within the current week (from the most recent Monday).

  • Today: is for tasks that you would like to finish today.

You will find scheduled tasks in each column, these are separate from your unscheduled tasks and will automatically move through columns (Backlog, This week, Today) based on when they are required to be done following the rules explained above. Recurring tasks will create a parent in the backlog. We explain more about this under the Scheduling Tasks section.

Switching Between Single List and All List View

Once you create more than 2 lists, you will have the ability to switch between each list so that you can work on the one you want. Or you can also work in the All lists view which have all your tasks across lists synced within the correct columns. You can switch lists via the main Home screen, or within a single list dropdown on the top-right.Any changes you make between the single list view and the All lists view are synced with each other.