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Getting started

Getting started

Getting started

Introduction to Blitzit

Blitzit is a personal productivity tool that is made up of a simple to-do list panel that can collapse into a little floating countdown timer that is always visible so you stay focused on your task. It's packed with additional features such as Pomodoro timers, productivity reports, task scheduling, notes and so much more - all of which contributes to boosting your ability to focus and prioritize, thereby helping you win back your precious time.

Minimum Requirements

Blitzit is currently available for MacOS 12.3 or later (Intel & Apple Silicone) and Windows 10 to 11. Generally it will work well with almost any machine specs, however we recommend a minimum of 8GB of RAM.

How does it work (in a nutshell)?

STEP 1: Plan your week/day

STEP 2: Go into Focus Mode

STEP 3: Gain momentum

STEP 4: Win the day & relax




What are lists for?

Lists help you store and separate tasks for your various projects. It's a great way to organize tasks so that they are categorized for easier discoverability.

How to Create a New List?

  1. Go to Home, from here you can create a new list by clicking the last Create list tile or click the CREATE NEW LIST button on the left side panel.

  1. Give your list a title, and either choose a color or upload an icon, then hit CREATE.

List Columns

Inside each list, you will find columns which helps you organize your tasks based on priority.

  • Backlog: is for tasks that you need to do beyond 1 week.

  • This week: is for tasks that you need to get done within the current week (from the most recent Monday).

  • Today: is for tasks that you would like to finish today.

You will find scheduled tasks in each column, these are separate from your unscheduled tasks and will automatically move through columns (Backlog, This week, Today) based on when they are required to be done following the rules explained above.

Recurring tasks will create a parent in the backlog. We explain more about this under the Scheduling Tasks section.

Switching Between Single List and All List View.

Once you create more than 2 lists, you will have the ability to switch between each list so that you can work on the one you want. Or you can also work in the All lists view which have all your tasks across lists synced within the correct columns.

You can switch lists via the main Home screen, or within a single list dropdown on the top-right.

Any changes you make between the single list view and the All lists view are synced with each other.




How to Create a New Task

There are 3 ways of creating new tasks.

  1. Click the ADD NEW TASK button on the lower menu bar. This will allow you to add a task to any list you select within the dropdown.

  2. To add a task a the bottom of any list column, click the + ADD TASK button at the bottom of any list column.

  3. To add a task at the top of any list column, click the + icon at the top of any list column.

How to Change Your Task Title

Simply click on your task title to edit it.

If your task is on a live timer, you can only edit the title in notes mode.

(We cover notes later in more detail)

How to Prioritize your Tasks

To prioritize your tasks you can simply organize them into the correct list columns which includes Backlog, This Week and Today (see Lists Columns section for definitions).

You can move tasks around various columns and switch the order by simply dragging and dropping the task into the desired location.

The priority is set from top to bottom, where the top task on the Today column will be the first to go live when going into a focus session, and the tasks that follow will be next in queue in the order arranged.

Another way to move tasks around in the List view is by simply hovering over a task and clicking the back/forward arrows to move them across columns.

Setting Task Time Estimates (EST)

Task time estimates or EST is the time you give yourself to finish the task. We recommend that you try to be as realistic as possible here. There are 2 ways of setting the EST.

  1. You can add it during task creation in the EST field

  1. You can also add EST via the numerical field found on the bottom left of any task. The format of this is HH:MM.

Note: If your task is on a live timer you can only add the EST while pausing the timer.

Time Taken

Time taken is the time you have spent so far doing a task. This is automatically tracked when a task goes into a live timer, however you can also manually input this via the numerical field found on the bottom right of any task. Like EST, the format of this is HH:MM.

Note: If your task is on a live timer you can only add Time Taken while pausing the timer.

Marking Tasks as Done

When you have completed a task you can mark is as DONE, there are a few ways of doing this.

From the List view:

  • Hover over a task and click the checkbox. The task will automatically move to your Done Column.

  • Move the task into the Done Column with either the arrow icons or by dragging and dropping it.

From Blitz Session

  • For the task on a live timer, hover over it and hit the Done button. This will show the gamified completion experience with a fun gif or message.

  • For the rest of the tasks below the live one, hover over any task and click the checkbox. The task will automatically move below to your Done section.

Blitz mode (focus sessions)

Blitz mode (focus sessions)

Blitz mode (focus sessions)

Launching Blitz Mode (Focus session)

Blitz mode is the core of Blitzit.

  • To enter Blitz mode you must start by adding tasks to your Today column in order of priority (top being the highest priority).

  • Once you are ready, hit the Blitz now button to enter Blitz mode, which is a focus session state made up of a simple panel of your to-do list for the day (Focus Panel).

  • Your top task will automatically go into a live timer, with the rest of your tasks organized in a clean list below.

Focus Panel

The Blitzit Focus Panel is the main experience of Blitz Mode which gives you the ability to have a birds-eye view of your day while executing each task one by one with momentum.

Managing Tasks: From the Focus Panel you can rearrange tasks, add new tasks, delete tasks, view tasks scheduled for today and schedule new tasks, add notes to tasks, view the tasks you completed during the day session.

Setting a new task live: To set a new task live simply click the Rocket Icon to instantly set that task within the live timer

List Dropdown: You can switch list from the list dropdown at the top.

Quick Preferences: To change a few basic preferences, click the cog icon.

From here you can adjust a variety of settings which we discuss in detail under the Preferences Section.

An important setting here is the screen & side preferences:

  • If you have more than one monitor, you can change screens of your Focus Panel.

  • You can also change the Focus Panel side (choose between left or right)

Return back home: click the Home icon on the top right, to exit your focus session and return back to your last Home screen.

Floating Timer

To switch your Focus Panel into a little always visible Floating Focus Timer, you can either click the top right arrow icon, or click the Focus Mode button at the bottom of the panel.

The Floating Timer can be dragged around anywhere in your screen and always sits on top of any application so you are constantly reminded of your goal.

There are a few actions available within the live task timer on both the Focus Panel and the Floating Timer view.

  • Break: Take a quick break. The break time will be set based on your preferences.

  • Notes: Add quick notes to your task like any other task.

  • Pause: Pause and Resume the live timer.

  • Skip: Set the next task in the list live.

  • Done: Mark the task as done.

While on the Floating Timer View, to return to the Focus Panel, simply hover over and click the resize icon on the right of the Timer.

Getting Success Streaks

Success streaks occurs when you finish all of your tasks for the day.

On marking your last task Done, you will experience a satisfying success message requesting you to reward yourself with some rest.

Once you see this message you will be given a Success Streak which will be added into your productivity reports (covered in detail within the Reports section)

Timer Modes

Timer Modes

Timer Modes

Task Estimated Time (EST) Countdown Timer

If you give your task an EST (as explained in the Task EST section), your will countdown based on the EST you set.

For example: If you estimate that you will complete the task in 15 minutes, and enter 00:15, then the live timer for that task will countdown from 15 minutes till it hits zero.

Pomodoro Countdown Timer

Pomodoro is productivity technique that many people use whereby you alternate between a fixed focus work session and a fixed short break time. You can set this on from preferences available both via the Home screen navigation profile dropdown menu (see here) as well as the Focus Panel Quick Preferences (see here)

With Pomodoro switched on, the timer will count down from the work time you set and automatically switch the break time you set with a notification sound.

Time Tracking Timer

If you you don't have an EST set on a Task, nor do you have Pomodoro switched on, then your timer will count upwards and act as a basic time tracker.

Scheduling Task Reminders

Scheduling Task Reminders

Scheduling Task Reminders

How to Access your Schedule Settings

To access the schedule popup with all the schedule settings you need, simply hover over a task, open the expanded menu and click Schedule.

Once you open the schedule popup you can select any date you wish to set your scheduled reminder for that task.

You can also choose the shortcut schedules above the date selector:

  • Today will pick today's date.

  • Later today will pick today's date 2 hours ahead of your current time.

  • Tomorrow will pick tomorrow's date.

  • Next week will pick the date exactly 7 days ahead of your current date.

Once you click pick a date and click Next, you can pick a specific time on the second screen by clicking +ADD button next to Add Time.

If you don't set a specific time, the reminder will send a notification any time you wake/turn-on your device after 00:00 (midnight) of the day you scheduled it for.

Then click Schedule to set the scheduled reminder for that task. Scheduled tasks are found at the bottom the relevant List column.

Example: If you schedule a task tomorrow, it will be found at the bottom of This Week column. The next day that task will automatically move to your Today column

Recurring Schedules

On the second screen within the schedule popup, you can also choose if you want your task to be recurring so that they repeat based on what you select:

  • Every day: 7 new tasks will be scheduled on every Monday for each day of the week.

  • Every weekday: 5 new tasks will be scheduled on every Monday for each weekday.

  • Every Thursday: This is based on what you select during date selection. In this case you can see we have picked the date Thursday December 7th 2023, therefore this option becomes Thursday. Likewise if we chose Friday the 8th during the date selection it would be reflected here.

  • Every Month on 7th: same logic as the specific day of the week, based on the date you selected during date selection, we use the same specific date for the task to recur on a monthly basis.

Tasks with recurring schedules becomes a parent task anchored to the Backlog. This recurring parent task automatically creates child tasks that are ordinary tasks scheduled on the Monday of the week the recurring date was set to be due.

How to Edit and Delete your Existing Schedules

  • To update your scheduled tasks simply hover over the task, expand the menu and click Update Schedule.

  • To delete the schedule in the same expanded menu, simply click the X icon next to the schedule details.

Task Notes

Task Notes

Task Notes

How to Add Notes to Tasks

To add notes, simply hover over any task in the List view or while in Blitz mode, and click Notes.

Formatting Notes

You have a few basic format options inside notes including:

  • Bold / Italics

  • Strikethrough (useful for sub-tasks)

  • Bullet Points / Numbered Bullets'

  • Undo/Redo

Auto Opening URLs

If you add a URL inside your note, these will be clickable.

Another useful feature is that these URLs will automatically open in your default browser when the task goes live.

Productivity Reports

Productivity Reports

Productivity Reports

You can access your Productivity Reports page from the bottom navbar on the Home screen.

List & Date Filtering

At the top of the Reports page, you can filter by List and time span that you would like to analyse the data for.

Daily Productivity Graph

This graph gives you a great high-level view of your productivity trends on each day through out the time period selected.

Purple shows the amount of tasks completed. Green shows the amount of breaks you took. Yellow shows the total work time taken.

On top of the graph you have top level stats for deeper insights.

  • Tasks Done: total tasks done within the selected period

  • Tasks Per Day: the average amount of tasks done per day done within the selected period

  • Hours Per Day: the average amount of hours of work done per day done within the selected period

  • Mins Per Task: the average amount of time spent in minutes per task within the selected period

  • Day Streak: The amount of times you finish all the planned tasks for the day on time.

  • Early Streak: The amount of times you finish all the planned tasks for the day earlier than estimated.

Most Productive Times

These stats are based on your activity when using Blitzit to give you a clear idea of how you work through out the week.

  • Most Productive Hour: The range of hours that you are in focus mode the most.

  • Most Productive Day: The day that you spent time in focus mode the most.

  • Most Productive Month: The month that you spent time in focus mode the most.

Time By List

Time By List is a chart that gives you the total hours you spent on each List within the selected time period.

This information is a great way to review where you need to prioritize or perhaps delegate more.

Punctuality Graph

The punctuality graph shows you how often you finish a task early vs late. If you find that the red line is larger in percentage than green, then perhaps you need to be more realistic when adding time estimates for your tasks.




Generally all the settings in preferences are easy to understand, so in this guide we will only explain further if necessary.

Opening preferences

  • To view preferences, simply open your avatar menu on the top right and click Preferences.

  • You can also access some preferences during Blitz Mode (focus session) by clicking the cog icon in the top right of the focus panel.


  • Open/show Blitzit on wake and login

  • Hide EST/Done Times on tasks - This will hide the small numerical inputs in tasks and only reveal them on hover.

Blitz Panel Side

  • If you have more than one monitor, you can change the screen for your Focus Panel.

  • You can also change the Focus Panel side (choose between left or right)

Blitz Mode (Focus Session) Settings

Here you can either choose to go with a Pomodoro approach or simply countdown based on the EST you give your task.

  • Pomodoro: If you switch Pomodoro on you can choose a work sprint time and a break time. During your work sprint the timer will countdown based on your settings. Once it hits 0 it will automatically switch to a break with the time you set.

  • Default Break Length: Add the default break time you would take if you manually switch to a break.

Alert Settings

  • Timed alerts during a task: Set regular reminders to stay focussed on a live task with a sound and optional animation.

  • Notification alerts: Choose an alert sound for all notifications which includes Tasks Due, Task/Break time up and Pomodoro work sprint end.

Celebration Settings

  • Show success screen: Show a motivating success message on completing any task.

  • Fun gif: Rotate between a range of fun gifs featured on the success screen.

  • Success sound effect: A satisfying sound effect on completing any task.

Account & Billing

Account & Billing

Account & Billing

Opening Account & Billing Settings

  • To view Account & Billing, simply open your avatar menu on the top right and click Account & Billing.

Change your Name & Email

Simply click CHANGE NAME or CHANGE EMAIL to change the relevant information you need. Note, once you change your email you will need access to the new email to get access to your account again.

Manage Your Billing

At the top of the Account & Billing popup, you can see your account status, the active plan and your refund policy.

  • You can upgrade your plan from here. You can also upgrade directly from Home by clicking the Go Unlimited Buttons.

  • You can also click Manage Billing to view & manage your subscription and invoices. This experience is powered by Stripe (the most popular payment gateway globally) which opens on a separate window. To go back to Blitzit you must click Return to Blitzit on the Stripe Window.

How to Delete your Account

To Delete your account simply click the DELETE ACCOUNT button in red found at the bottom to call the Delete Account Popup.

To confirm your account deletion you will have to type DELETE, click the checkboxes and hit the CONFIRM button.




Blitz Panel collapses into the floating timer size

This is a common error that happens when you mark a task as done while in the Blitzit Floating Timer state. It is a known bug that we are actively working on. Simply hover over and click the focus button which will go back to the floating timer, then from there click the resize icon to return back to your Blitz Panel.

Added a task but cannot find it?

This can happen sometimes when data takes a moment to process in our servers. Simply return to the Home screen and come back to your List view, the task should be there in the column you created it, or in the backlog.

Blitzit is not detecting my second monitor

This can happen if you add your extended monitor after already opening Blitzit. A simple workaround is to restart Blitzit and open again.

Scheduled Task did not notify me

  • Check if notification alerts are switched on in your preferences settings.

  • Install the latest update.

  • Delete the schedule and test it with a task due within 2 minutes.

  • If it still does not work, fill in a bug report from the Home screen via the bug icon on the top right.

(For Windows) Getting Popup: Windows protected your PC

Currently we are still going through a registration process to become verified with Windows, therefore at the moment they do not recognize us. This is common for many new applications. We can assure you that you will be protected via Terms & Conditions, so simply go ahead and click More Info and click Run anyway.